For over twenty years Candace and Company has been busy representing the greatest group of gift lines available in the known universe. Gift lines that reside in that crazy intersection of art, novelty, humor and trend— and in that bit of humanity that inspires little product miracles that dazzle and delight. We believe the carefully selected manufacturers we represent, are a who’s who of what’s hot, hot, hot…
Our pride and joy is the delightful Candace and Company crew. Our fantastic five are where the rubber truly meets the road. We are all about attentive, savvy service— plus, a little off-color humor (if things get too serious).
Our goal is to intersect the best products with the best stores. So please wander and enjoy what we’ve brought together. We welcome the opportunity to work with you very soon.
Candace Vance and the goddesses that are Candace and Company.

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